We are synth freaks. Our large collection of vintage analog & digital hardware synthesizers, drumcomputers and effects is here for you to enjoy. Replace your plug-in tracks with analog monsters, record with the machines directly, jam on drum machines and sequencers. We are always on hand for advice, tips and tricks, helping you out to get a great sound for your music. Click here for our current range of synthesizers


We will soon offer courses on subtractive and FM synthesis. Courses and workshops on sampling, modular synthesis, physical modeling and more will follow. The courses will be held in house and will consist of theoretical and hands-on sessions. They are open to anybody. A basic understanding of audio and musical theory helps. The courses can be given individually, or in groups of about 6-8 persons. Interested? Contact us.


We’re busy sampling our collection of synthesizers. Think of: Moog Memorymoog, Waldorf Q, Synton Syrinx, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Pro-One, Korg Polysix and more to come. Formats will include EXS24 and Kontakt. These Sonar Traffic samplepacks will be available soon. Click here for our video.


About Us

We are Ben Spaander & Allert Aalders. We love everything synth. We both started our collections at an early age and decided to put them together and open them up for you to use. We are located in the heart of Utrecht, the Netherlands at the Kytopia studio complex in the former Tivoli venue.