Sonar Traffic – Synths on demand

Welcome to Sonar Traffic, an electronic music studio located in the heart of the Netherlands and online.


Keys galore

We bring you a comprehensive range of services starting out with re-recording using our extensive collection of synthesizers -mainly vintage analogs but also digitals- and going all the way up to complete mixing services and training/education.

Plug-in or Actual machine ?

It is a fact that today’s electronic music can be made by just about anybody with a Laptop and a music application of his or her choice. Possibilities are endless, and plug-ins provide a great variety of sounds. This, then, has given us new music of great beauty. Moreover, the quality that can be attained is stunning.
But. We know, and we think you know, that nothing has yet been made that sounds like the real thing: analog synths. Once again, every day amazing stuff is made with software synthesizers, but we are just saying they do not sound like our Prophet 5, Memorymoog, Minimoog, Xpander or even our humble Juno 106.
If you don’t know what we mean, we would like to let you hear it!

Where we come in

“But that stuff is scarily expensive! And almost impossible to find!” I hear you say. That’s right. That’s where we come in. Over a period of 20 years the founders of Sonar Traffic have collected synths because they are both crazy about them, can’t stop talking about them, and love working with them. Now we have decided we want to share that collection with you. You are welcome to use them.

Drop by !


You can drop by at our place if you want, just make an appointment. We can work with you and your tracks to get you the best sounding result. You can even bring yr own laptop with your favourite DAW if you want to.
If it’s a bit harder for you to come over because you are in, say, Kosye-Lozhki, Russia, all you need is an internet link. Send us your midi file with a sample sound and we’ll send you back an audio file recorded with the synth(s) of your choice.


  • Vintage Analog & Digital Synthesizer re-recording – Music Production – Education.
  • Located in the heart of the Netherlands & Online.
  • Stupendous array of Vintage Analog & Digital synths.
  • Online or on-site.
  • several DAW’s (ProTools, Logic and Ableton Live).
  • RME audio-interfaces.

We are moving.

Big news. We are moving. How ever much we dig our current room the opportunity that presented itself some time ago was too cool to let pass.

End of this month we are loading up all our synths, drum machines, mixers, effects and what not and bring them to Kytopia!

For most of you this will be enough of an announcement, for the few that don’t know what we are on about: Kytopia is a musician’s dream community, a melting pot, a breeding ground, 10 or more studios and other creative businesses all thrown together in 2 buildings in downtown Utrecht. It’s founded by local hero Kyteman. Click the links, do the search, read all about it.

We are looking forward to setting up shop there and are already dreaming about the collaborations that will certainly arise from this move!



Recording synths with For the Birds

Yesterday evening was spent with the fine people of Dutch band For the Birds. We recorded basses from the Minimoog, Strings from the Juno 106, some DX7 “music box”, gnarly filter sweeps with the MS20 and lots of different sounds with the Prophet 5. In the producer’s chair was Jurriaan Sielcken.
For the Birds at Sonar Traffic