Synthesizer re-recording online:


Send us your midi-file (or Ableton, Logic or ProTools project) and an example or description of the sound you are looking for. This could be a plug-in patch, a YouTube video, an audio-file,or what have you. We will then recreate this sound for you on one of our machines. Of course you can choose which one we should use; take your pick! Finally, we will send you back an audio-file. Also, if you want we will send you some variations.

Synthesizer re-recording on site:

Visit Sonar Traffic studios. Bring your project. Bring your DAW if you want. Work with us to get the sound you want. Go home knowing you want to come back real soon.


Play with all the machines in our arsenal. Create grooves. Sample the synths. Make beats, make tracks. Jam, freak out, record it all. Maybe you create a complete track. Or you end up with lots of material to edit and re-arrange in your own studio.

Music Production:

Racks & stompboxes

Produce all your music here. We can record anything at our studio short of full drumkits and grand pianos. We may even have room enough for a string quartet. Work with us, and your favorite producer/engineer. Writing sessions, demo productions, the final mix, everything is possible.

Re-amping, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Yamaha CP70/80:

In collaboration with our friends from Protone we can re-amp your guitar tracks with a serious variety of guitar amps to choose from. Check Protone’s site if you want to know which amps are available. You can just send us your audio-files or you can come over and visit us.
Want to record using a proper Hammond B3? Complete with Leslie 122 speaker cabinet? Two Leslie 122 speaker cabinets? Can do. Wurlitzer, Clavinet, Yamaha CP70/80 and Rhodes pianos also available. Thank you kind people at Protone. Alas, you’ll have to be here to play the instrument. We can’t do this online. Really.